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Canyon De Chelly, Arizona-35mm FilmDead Horse Point, Utah-35mm FilmGreat Basin National Park, Nevada-35mm FilmDeath Valley Dunes-35mm FilmHeteca Head, Oregon-35mm FilmPetrified Forests-35mm filmPacific Coast-35mm FilmColorado River Gorge Overlook-35mm FilmPyramid Lake, Nevada-35mm FilmGreat Basin National Park, Nevada-35mm Film

My photo site consists of outdoor and studio photography with specialized galleries consisting of Landscapes, Still Life/Products, Historic Places and Human Interest of the american west.  Images are captured on 4x5 film, 35mm film and digital.  Photo equipment ranges from 4 x 5-inch view and field cameras, plus 35mm formats and digital.  My images have been featured in magazines, directories, brochures and books.  I have authored three books, “Large Format Photography”, “Photo Techniques” and “Photography Image Capture”.  

Welcome to the photo site of Charles Haire Photography.  Check out my blog for some outstanding photography locations in the Western United States.